Kids’ Dental Care Habits Must Start at Home

We recommend children have their first dental visit and check up at the age of one or within 6 months after the first tooth has erupted. The first visit is usually a short visit and has less treatment it gives the child the opportunity to meet the dentist and become familiar with the dental environment, Primary teeth (baby teeth) are just as important as permanent adult teeth. Having a strong healthy mouth can help your child in chewing and speaking. Primary teeth also hold the area in the jaw for permanent teeth that are growing underneath the gum line.

During the child’s first visit the dentist will have an over check of the child’s existing teeth for decays, occlusion and bite. The surrounding structures within the mouth are also checked for potential problems or issue that can be addressed at the earliest time. If indicate a clean may be done. Parents with any questions or query’s regarding their children’s oral health can be discusses educated on this visit.
At Pedram Dental we provide dental treatments and services to Children aged 2-17 who are eligible under the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) .up to $1000 is allocated to eligible children towards required dental treatment, this includes X-rays, Cleaning, Fissure Sealing’s, Fillings, Root canal treatment and extractions.

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